Frequently asked questions

What is laquitamichael.com? What can I expect to view when visiting this website?

It is a website that is positively motivated, it encourages and inspires communities. One way this is achieved is by the post and blogs. The visuals displayed are very soothing and allows visitors to take an awesome ride on an inspirational journey.

What do your blogs typically consist of? How do I submit prayer requests/blog topic request forms?

Posts and blogs are full of inspiration for special readers, such as, YOURSELF! To submit a prayer reuqest form, scroll to the top of the first page on the website and submit the "prayer request form." Please be specific as you can regarding the prayer request. God bless!

If there are any questions, or concerns, how can I contact you?

You can contact "God's Work Team" by emailing our awesome, loving team. Email: godsworkteam@gmail.com We will review your email and get back to you as soon as possible!

What benefits will I receive as a website subscriber?

As a website subsriber, you'll receive announcements before other website viewers. Subscribers will acquire promotions and relevant website information.

Is there anything else I should know as I travel this journey with you?

YES. Please put your seat belts on and be ready for some positivity that will be shared among special people like YOU! I strongly believe that we have to encourage one another and uplift others, instead of turning the other way and not demonstrating a supportive and loving attitude. I also believe this encounter is definitely needed in our society everywhere. No geographical boundaries. Everyone needs to feel warm, caring vibes from time to time, so why not start today?



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